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  P.O. Box 4387

Las Cruces, NM 88003



Las Cruces

  Dona Ana County

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We do NOT follow, surveil or take photos of any person. We are not Licensed Investigators or Private Law Enforcement Pracitioners pusuant to Title 16 Chapter 48 of NM State Statutes, or subject to the Licening Rules of NM Reguation & Licensing Dept.

We do "forensic accounting." By applying specialized methods to your records, we follow the money trail, obtain the evidence, and provide any report(s) or witnesses needed to defend you against allegations, take legal against third parties, discipline employees,  or to recover stolen assets.

As a former I.R.S. Special Agent trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Glynco, GA., he provides a tradition of excellence in financial investigations continuing the legacy of the great Special Agents:


Lewis Erskine

Special Agent

U.S. Treasury Dept


Elliot Ness

Special Agent

Al “Chance” Cella

Former New York City IRS Special Agent, International Tax Specialist and Special Enforcement Forensic Accountant

Been accused of a Tax Crime by the I.R.S. or other governmental authority? You need EXPERT and SPECIALIZED HELP to work with your attorney. That's what I provide

Litigation requires an Expert Witness to  prove your case. That's what I provide