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We do NOT follow, surveil or take photos of any person. We are not Licensed Private Investigators, Private Security or Repossession Services as defined in the Fl stautue Chapter 493.

We do "forensic accounting." By applying specialized methods to your records, we follow the money trail, obtain the evidence, and provide any report(s) or recommend witnesses needed to defend you against allegations, or support you in taking legal against third parties, discipline employees,  or to recover stolen assets.

Former I.R.S. Special Agent trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Glynco, GA

Member - Association Of Certified Fraud Specialists

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Al “Chance” Cella

Former New York City IRS Special Agent, International Tax Specialist and

Special Enforcement Forensic Accountant

Been accused of a Tax Crime by the I.R.S. or other governmental authority?

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Litigation requires an Expert Witness to  prove your case

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IRS Criminal Investigation Releases Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report


IR-2017-47, Feb. 27, 2017


WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the release of its IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) annual report, reflecting the significant accomplishments and criminal enforcement actions taken in fiscal year 2016.


IRS CI initiated 3,395 cases in FY 2016 that focused on tax-related identity theft, money laundering, public corruption, cybercrime and terrorist financing.


“The IRS continues to work to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules and paying their fair share,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “The IRS is committed to fairly administering and enforcing the tax code, and our criminal investigators play a critical role in that effort.”


The CI report is released each year for the purpose of highlighting the agency’s successes while providing a historical snapshot of the make-up and priorities of the organization. The very first Chief of IRS CI, Elmer Lincoln Irey, served from 1919 to 1946 and envisioned releasing such a document each year to showcase the agency’s investigative work.

CI is the only federal law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over federal tax crimes. This year, CI again boasted a conviction rate rivaling all of federal law enforcement at 92.1percent. That conviction rate speaks to the thoroughness of the investigations. CI is routinely called upon by prosecutors across the country to lead financial investigations on a wide variety of financial crimes including international tax evasion, identity theft, terrorist financing and transnational organized crime.


CI investigates potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner to foster confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law. The 50-page report summarizes a wide variety of IRS CI activity throughout the fiscal year and includes case examples on a range of tax crimes, money laundering, public corruption, terrorist financing and narcotics trafficking financial crimes.


“After consulting with our expert and having her review all the documentation, our expert drafted a lengthy, 15-page expert report with color photos comparing the signature to other exemplar signatures we knew were signed by the casino customer. It was very convincing and professionally prepared.” – Jim Hunt – Tenaglia & Hunt, PA

“I conducted direct exam of our “blowout preventer” expert, including a half day tutorial using cutting-edge 3D animations explaining how a blowout prevent works, how this one didn’t, and why it failed…the expert testimony, including the blowout preventer expert and animations, were extremely powerful and had juror’s attentions entirely.” – Dane Ball – Smyser Kaplan & Veselka, LLP

One of the main issues in the case was whether dissolving the corporation would diminish the value of its assets.  We used experts to demonstrate that the dissolution of the corporation and the appointment of the winding-up agents would dramatically enhance the value of the corporation’s assets.” – Joel A. Goldman – Clark & Trevithick

Special Agents From TV Land always won the day

He was the  I.R.S. Manhattan District's Special Enforcement Project Coordinator - Investigator who broke up the Offshore Double Trust scheme of the 1990s.  It was estimated to have drained the Treasury of $40+ million, most of which was recovered through his efforts!

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